I AM IN LOVE with the deep blue full-on eyeliner from the Anne Valerie Hash Spring Summer 2012 show. I would call it a Cleopatra eye. It's def something I'm going to do this holiday if I go to a big event or a party. I don't think it's too over-the-top, but it is very dramatic and FRESH. I found some great pics and quotes from the makeup artist in charge, Alex Box (of course!) from THEFORMULABLOG.COM. Check it out!

Designer Anne Valerie Hash took us on a trip to Morocco in her SS 2012 collection. Her deep blues and slouchy silhouettes make for one glamorous summer. After the show, I spoke with the hair and makeup teams to learn all about the looks they designed.

Alex Box, head makeup artist for MAC: “Anne Valerie was looking at a lot of peasant craftsmanship from Morocco and the far east. She was drawn to all of those little friendship bracelets almost, but they are more intricate and woven. She was also looking at how Moroccan women wear these big slouchy clothes and all those intricate fabrics from that part of the world. So I started looking at the Moorish women and how they kind of tattoo their eyeliner on...”

“It’s always this kind of deep blue kind of Kohl liner, and its tattooed most of the time. I just wanted to mimic that tattoo color and bring it up to date. I wanted to have almost nothing on the eye, kind of a nude eye and make big almond shape with the liner. The almond eye has that kind of Moroccan presence as well. It is all done in rich pigments so it really feels like that kind of pure pigment you get in Marrakesh and places like that. I used studio sculpt really buffed out on the skin, and a beauty powder called drizzled gold on the cheeks, but they don’t do that anymore. Then I used on the eyes a chroma line in blue and a blue pencil underneath it with no mascara.”♡

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