I decided to start doing a favorites post every now and again, in the case I have some current favorites that I am in love with and want to share. So, here we go...there will be makeup and some other goodies...as much as I can cram in here. :)

My current favorite foundation is a tie between REVLON PHOTO READY in 05 NATURAL BEIGE and NARS SHEER GLOW FOUNDATION in FIJI. Though I am aching to try NEUTROGENA HEALTHY SKIN as I've heard it does wonders for you if you have dry skin. And now that the weather has changed, so has my skin...in the drier way.

Favorite for covering up is PAULA DORF TOTAL CAMOUFLAGE in SAND/NUDE...which has a color corrector that's salmon-y and virtually erases the dark circles under my eyes as well as a neutral creamier formula that's great for covering pigmentation (which I do have because I grew up right by the beach and used to own 100 bikinis!). It can also be blended together to create the perfect shade for your skin.  I do also love the GARNIER SKIN RENEW ANTI-DARK-CIRCLE ROLLER as it has caffeine and is quick and easy and I know it will reduce any puffiness I have.

this isn't the actual color...it's just what the paula dorf pot looks like.

My favorite powder right now...well, I do have some expensive brands, but I've been using Wet n Wild's NATURAL BLEND PRESSED POWDER in the shade BARE as it doesn't bug me so much if I'm using it every day and staying inside to enter the novel edits. (Enter the novel edits! :s) I think it works just fine. It's very mattifying and it's cheap so you don't have to worry about using up your expensive stuff. I use it with the ELF blush brush from the Studio line.

Current fave blush...well, I love so many right now but I guess the one I've been really into lately is by PAULA DORF again and the color is called BABY FACE. I think it's comparable to Nars Sex Appeal in that it's very light and not shimmery. BUT it does cost about the same ($23). It really hardly shows up on my olive skin, but I sort of like that because it looks so natural when it's subtle that way. I use it with a huge ELF COMPLEXION BRUSH from their Studio line.

elf pigment eyeshadow in golden goddess (love!)
becca eye shadow in doeskin
 Fave eye stuff...too many to write. Elf has some great things if you want the glam but you want to save your truly expensive stuff for other days. Plus, when the makeup is cheaper it tends not to be as dramatic, so easier to wear every day. I like the BRIGHTENING EYE LINER in the color GILDED AND the SHIMMER EYELINER PENCIL in BOLDLY BRONZED to line my (hazel/green) eyes. I am LOVING the ELF CREAM SHADOWS in DAWN and PEWTER! (I also want to get the colors BRONZED, SMOKED AND NATURAL GLOW.)  I mean, I have some really fancy ones by Becca, but I don't want to keep replacing those, and the ones by ELF do the job and are cheap as hell. Plus the color looks more expensive. DAWN is very subtle mink color and PEWTER is awesome for a quick smokey eye. I also love the ELF PIGMENT EYESHADOW IN GOLDEN GODDESS...which is way more like a bronze than a gold and looks great as a wash all over the eyelid (esp if you have green or blue eyes). I also love two from Becca, but I'm trying not to use them every day as they cost like $25 each and they are TINY. The first is a demi-matte taupe (I think it's called Doeskin because the label has worn off) and the second is way more shimmery brown called SATIN.

elf pencil in gilded
elf pencil in boldly bronzed
elf cream eyeshadow in dawn
elf cream eyeshadow in pewter
becca eyeshadow in satin

The mascara I love is by Rimmel right now, but daily I use this TINY TINY little mascara I got from Sally's Beauty Supply. It's their SALLY GIRL MINI MASCARA in brownish black. And I love it. I am really loving the brown mascara thing. I have big eyes and long lashes and I think brown looks more chic and subtle than tons of black mascara sometimes. BTW, it costs 99 cents!

On my lips I have two that I love right now, though there are some that I am aching to get but don't have yet. The two I use daily (again because they are cheap and do the job and look expensive...and I can save the really good ones for special days)...is Wet n Wild's MEGALAST LIP COLOR in the colors BARE IT ALL (my favorite), JUST PEACHY and a darker one called CINNAMON SPICE. Just really really modern, chic look with totally matte lips. I also love love love an ELF MATTE LIP COLOR in NATURAL that looks amazing and rich and still moisturizes even though it's matte!

My current love love love nail varnish is a dupe. It's SINFUL COLORS in the color NIRVANA which is a lot like OPI's YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUE and OVER THE TAUPE. I love love love this color every time I look at my nails. And I can't believe it only cost me two dollars!!

this shows the color well, but this isn't my hand! :)
I have favorite new sweater that's rich looking and leopard print...only $22.80 from FOREVER 21. This sweater is a dream. I love it even more than my (or maybe close to) Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel and Lacoste sweaters.

this photo is kind of the wrong fitting. mine is a petite, but it's loose, the way a good sweater like this should be. dunno why they shot it this way.
My favorite thing right now is black tight jeans and a spiky belt I bought in Echo Park (LA) for like $3. Reminds me so much of the cool things my young uncles used to send to me from London in the late 80s when I was too young to understand how cool they were really. My favorite ring is a bronze cobra ring I bought in Venice Beach for like $3. It's too big for me, even my pointer finger.   But I still wear it until I get the new perfect skulls. My favorite bag is my Marc Jacobs Hobo that I wrote about here. I love this bag and feel so chic when I have it over my arms.

My favorite "thing" in the world, though, has to be my little dog Lotte (LOTTIE) who looks like a little wolf. Yesterday she turned 7 months old. :) 

my little lotte at 6 mos old. ♡♡♡ (please ignore that scary doll in the back...this was taken at my mom's.) ;P

I have so many others, but I think this is a good start for now. Hope you enjoyed that and have a good weekend!♡

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