Okay...I don't know exactly when this is from, because I see old models mixed with some others that I think are newer. I thought John (Galliano) would look much younger at the end. But when he came out, I thought he looked current. The video is really poor quality, but the fashion is interesting. Not sure if it's wearable but I do love the creativity. I'm lost...if you know what show this is then please help me.*** All I kept thinking was, did he have secret show like "Tom"?

***THIS VIDEO was embedded on here when it didn't have a title other than "JOHN". But we can all see how that it's a John Galliano show from 2002.♡

There was supposed to be a SATURDAY SHOPPING post today with all of my favorites. But I guess I'll save it for next week. 

PPS...The novel will be coming out in the very near future (MY NOVEL) and I'll keep you all posted......! I'm so excited> :) \m/

more saturday shopping ♥ comme des garcons crazy holiday

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