I have a hankering to morph into a new look with new hair and new clothes all in black (which I go through every so often...renouncing the colored bits of my wardrobe and rekindling my affair with the all black variety) and I am also craving new jewelry, of course. And every time I watch a Lisa Eldridge video where she's donning her giant enamel HOT LIPS ring, my heart pangs. I know there are knock-offs of this lovely ring designed by Solange Azagury-Partridge, but having the real thing would be really nice. It's only like...1000£! :) No, but seriously, it is gorgeous, comes in a load of colors and even a limited edition. Though I'm attracted to the lovely classic red one. She also has some other gorgeous gorgeous pieces (one of which I saw recently on Colette's site). If I can't get the real deal immediately, I'll be on the lookout for a really good copy.♡

the red hot lips enamel ring i really love.

i think this one is a limited edition red.
black bird ring. so cute.

i think i saw this ring on the colette site. it's so cute.

this is so cool. reminds me of the rocky horror picture show.

made with real rubies. yep.

lisa eldridge wearing her hot lips ring in a tutorial.

more girl friday ♥ la sera's katy goodman

images except for screen shot are from solange.co.uk


Halloween_Jane said...

Beautiful - she really is a phenomenal designer. The ruby hotlips is one of the most desirable pieces I've ever seen.

montronix said...

halloween jane? you must love halloween. as much as i do. :)

totally. it's very dali.

thx for commenting. x

Karen M. said...

Have you been able to find something similar? I've been looking with no luck. :(

montronix said...

yeah. i thought i found something a long time ago and sent you the link?

Anonymous said...

I know this post was done a very long time ago but wondering if you have been able to find something similar. Hard to find. Would love to know which stores have this?

montronix said...

i might have. but i don't really remember now. but it wasn't identical. the designer's hubby follows this blog and i have suggested she design something more affordable like a diffusion line. but not sure they'll ever do it. she would sell a million if she did. the real ring is kind of pricey. unless you can splurge $1000.

:( do an image search on google for lips ring. that's what i did a year ago...

i'll def do a post if i find something. so subscribe to the blog in case. i love that ring so so much, too. good luck.