It's Thanksgiving today...a holiday everywhere (except a lot of the shops are actually open tonight for early shoppers...or obsessive shoppers). What do I do on Thanksgiving if I'm not with friends? Normally I watch a lot of amazing old movies, mostly holiday related, and eat my favorite things like homemade mashed potatoes. My favorite Thanksgivings, though, have always been the ones I spent in New York...we call those Orphan Dinners because they are open to all friends who didn't fly home. 

I also love to get dressed up on Thanksgiving (once when I was a teenager, I wore a pair of long dangly Moschino earrings with giant gold hearts at the bottom). So I thought it would be fit to have a little photo post with a party girl all dressed up. 

If you're not in the States, do have a lovely day and if you are in the States, wishing you a happy holiday. xxx And thanks to all of my readers...I am so grateful to you.♡

photography jason schembri 
stylist ashley bristow 
make- up nina zozobrado 
hair damien corbridge 

model stephanie / the agency models 

images from petfanclub.com


Jessi said...

I love mashed potatoes hehe! and these photos are stunning. I love the colors and the fashion, and the makeup has a very holiday feel to it with the the red lips and the warm cheeks. I am loving every single outfit, but especially the pink dress with the big bow ♥ We've already had Thanksgiving up here in Canada but hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

montronix said...

:) yep. it's yummy...esp with real potatoes! which i'll start working on in few hours.

i agree...it's an adorable shoot. esp that one outfit...but also the hair and the dolly makeup. agreed. :)

hope you had a good one and thank you! and thanks for commenting and reading. xxxmt