Yes. I am so impressed by the Versace collection for H&M. Just watch the show. It looks like a real Versace collection, maybe a junior version but nonetheless a Versace collection that's totally pure. I don't even think I'm a Versace type of girl, but I want so many of these pieces. I am also impressed by the mens pieces because they deliver to the Versace boy what a Versace boy is looking for (can you say MIAMI?). Watch the show below. I think this was just released. If you have a chance to check out H&M's Italian site, you'll see the gorgeous things they've done on there with Versace. It's not on the US site yet...but hopefully it will be equally as lovely. I dunno, you might not be into Donatella or the brand itself, but my fashion friends and I are all gushing GUSHING. :) Versace for H&M hits US (and Japanese) stores November 19th. Did I forget to mention it'll also include home décor? In case you are too young to remember, Versace had a HUGE home collection and still does.♡

mark ronson in versace for h&m (pretty sure i saw this in the show).

one of gianni's favorite models, linda evangelista

sofia coppola and anna sui were there at the show and party.

another one of gianni's favorite models (on the left) helena christensen. they didn't credit the lady on the right, but it does look a lot like isabel toledo.

one of donatella's fave models, lindsey wixson

i love the axl rose hair.

more wednesday bag ♥ miu miu mink satchel

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