I don't love all Versace everything. But I do love a lot of the studded things Donatella does for the line. And looks like some of the pieces for H&M are amazing and keepsakes and must-haves. They do look very Versace. They look expensive, not cheap (I even thought the Lanvin collection for H&M looked like old 80s prom dresses...but not these Versace pieces). The model they use is adorable. Looks like a mini Donatella (whom I love...she's such a character and her heart is in the brand because of the love for her brother). I love this collection, even though, like I said, I'm not a big Versace person. Actually, these remind me a lot of the junior Versace pieces they used to make in the 90s. I knew some cool tiny ladies who would buy them in Vegas and they were amazing.♡

such a gorgeous keepsake piece. notice the minimal jewelry, makeup and styling. perfection.

love love love love love love love. looks so expensive.

gorgeous. look at that bag!

i think this middle dress comes in black.

so very versace. doesn't look like a cheap version at all.

i am pretty sure i saw donatalla wearing this tight dress in black and it looked amazing.

look at this gorgeous jacket

so versace!

so miami. BUT notice in the photo above, these leggings or jeggings underneath the dress and how it elevates the fashion.

more wednesday bag ♥ lovely winter bags

images from graziadaily.co.uk

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