I'll post something fashion-y later today, but wanted to make sure to get this. It's a pretty good tutorial of one of my favorites, ACE FREHLEY FROM KISS. I'm probably going to be him on Monday. Donatella Versace costume is more for a party, but I haven't really totally decided. I just thought walking around on Monday as Ace would be more like Halloween as opposed to walking around like Donatella which might not look like a costume if you're not at a party. :) She, the girl in the tutorial, did a pretty good job only she forgot the dark blue eyeshadow that Ace always has. I think it's easy to accessorize and I have some shoes I bought in high school that are massive like the ones KISS wears. (I'll do a post of my high school vintage shoes. They're all still in the closet at my parents' house and they are crazy good.)♡

one of my fave pics of Ace from the 70s in New York City.

i bought the Gene Simmons record when i was a little kid from a sale bin. but Ace's record is really a lot better.

more saturday shopping ♥ jared gold shop

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