I loved this spring 2011 collection from Carven. It was young and sexy and clean. And, even though I love love platforms, I think there's something Frenchie girl about a normal pump. Especially if they have bunny ears! It's nice to see some of the lesser-known lines (even if they're from old-school fashion houses like this one which was founded by Madame Carven in 1945) really shining this season. Bravo, Guillaume Henry.♡

great editorial outfit!
i love the pattern of this dress. plus the styling. really chic.
these are so cute and simple. just enough.
this look is a bit strange...but all together on the model it looks great.
love these.
such a sweet look and great coat! see how the coat and the shoes do it all?
ears on the shoulders and no ears on the shoes. smart.
perfect outfit for a cute girl like this to wear to an art opening.
easy chic. that's what this is.
this dress is gorgeous. love it. and the styling is lovely.
gorgeous carven campaign...i love that dress with the peter pan collar!
campaign  photo for carven...lovely!!
Madame Carven with one of her designs from the 40s.

more shoe me thursday ♥ jerome c rousseau

all images from vogue italia (love you!)



Wow...take a look at this lovely little collection I discovered from some Italian genius named Sergio Zambon ! Here's the deal (if you're not in Europe...especially if you are in the States)...these shows never make it to the style.coms or the US Vogues. NEVER. Due to appeasing advertising, etc. Dunno why. Thank goodness for the Internet (in this respect) because I can now cruise all the other Vogues around the world and see these lovely lovely creations. These 60s (so done right) looks are the very same looks I endlessly look for in every thrift (charity) shop, in every good vintage boutique, at so so many estate sales. These are the goooods. And then I have to mention the so so good styling. So on point. So Italian. Old school Italian. And I rather like seeing faces I don't recognize. I'd take all of the pieces in this post in a heartbeat. And I hope to do so one day soon. (And then look at the banana heel he designed on the bottom for a previous collection! Fun!)♡

OMG. Are you kidding me? I would kill to have this dress!
Chic! Chic! Chic!
This is so totally ridiculously hot...I think you need to learn Italian just to wear it.
Love it. Will work on copying it for next summer. This is a good length to shorten loose vintage dresses to.
love it.
So so loving the chicness.
Such a pretty pretty dress. So flattering and timeless.
A perfect coat for all your pieces above.
Sergio Zambon Banana Heel (why don't we all know about this guy???)

more wednesday wonder ♥ low on high

all images from vogue italia



I know LFW is over, but that doesn't mean I'm over covering some designers that turned it on. Truth be told, a lot of the shows in Italy that just happened super bummed me out (like Pucci). And I loved a lot of the looks created by Charles Anastase, who, for me, is super punk rock not in style, but in ethics of  challenging the business. This spring 2011 show was really done well. Stylee. Wearable. Nancy Girl.  I don't think these photos do the collection justice. They probably looked waaay more cute in person. :) He's going to be a HUGE player soon. Watch and see. ♡

chic chic lady on the edge. it's hot. love it.
really sweet and good for work or lunch. don't tell me you wouldn't notice a girl walking down the street looking like this.
i love love this look. and any girl who can get away with this look, should. even with a little black bikini top underneath it would still be lovely. i love me a swiss dot. plus i love the shoes in this show. and the hair and the faces.
this is also another good for work or lunch or gallery opening. it's styleeeeeee. it's chiiiic. it's girrrrl.
love these shoes! they make the sweet outfits edgy.
i love this casual look so much. it's just missing a good bag.it's perfectly done. sexy even. yep.
ok, this is hot. and hard to pull off. but i love love swiss dots and white swiss dot outfit! come on...it's sweet and out there.
i'll take a swiss dot any day!
really really sweet and crazy at the same time. not sure what this would be worn for...but it's still cool to look at in the show.
more tuesday tailor ♥ staerk spring 2011

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Yes I am totally bummed out. Why couldn't it happen HERE! In the States?!?!? On September 11th, if you were near their Kingly Street (London) shop, you could have walked in and had your nails Eley-Kishimoto-ed up, y'all....for FREE! Dang. Damn. That sounds HOT. :( Next time? ♡

these would be so amazing painted on my nails. how cool is that? eley kishimoto print nails???
strawberry nails?!!! these are the selections from Wah Nails!!!

more makeup monday ♥ going gyaru

all images from eleykishimoto.com
and http://wah-nails.com



Just a quick neat break from fash-ion. I'll probably add something tomorrow video-related to the collections. But I thought this video was pretty neat and cool and interestingly done. And there's a lot of fashion in it. There are a lot of fashion films these days...but most of them just have someone walking around in a dress. People need to do more...do more concepts this way. So...hope you enjoy Parenthetical Girls "Young Throats" video. He has a really interesting voice. I think a lot of people aim to do an 80s-ish thing and it doesn't work. But I think this works really well. You can get more info here on the album and group. PS I have no idea where the days went. I only just realized it's going to be Sunday. SO I have missed a day. Because I did my Saturday post today instead of on Friday! Must have been caught up in the shows...??? (I just went through the posts, and I guess I should have called Jil Sander post a Sunday post...and the previous post was a Friday post and it should have been Saturday's post. So I have fixed everything. Phew!) ♡

Parenthetical Girls
the new record with a gorgeous cover.

more sunday matinee ♥ vidal sassoon movie


Ok. I'm not going to say that the new Jil Sander collection was A) flattering (for anyone, pretty much due to proportions and what color was on the bottom vs. color on top and stripes and ruffles etc in strange places) and B) that too many people will love it. But I loved it anyway. Even though I know the only people who can pull off wearing these pieces are 6-foot 2-pound models who don't have a curve to their body. But if I was a tall flat string bean, I'd definitely wear some of these. It was definitely a candy store of color and that's good enough for me. But there was a feeling like this was Jil Sander (er, ahem, JS designer Raf Simons via the brand) saying F-you to the fashion industry...with all the big top tent outfits. It's Raf, but it was very odd at the same time. I guess we'll just wait to see what it really means.♡

there is something about this that i love, even though it would make anyone, even a skinny model, look huge.
i mean, i love the look...but how huge does she look?
i mainly love the black/navy handbag in this. i have a vintage one like it from the 60s that i adore. this outfit is doable.
um...i love the concept. but i can't actually see anyone wearing this out. but there is something about it that i love.
this shape looks fun. i'd love this in black. or navy. i love the orange on this gorgeous model's skin (yea to black models!)
see...i really really love this shape and the color. but then i look at it and i think, is this a big ol' bag of cotton candy? it could be really pretty if it hangs down a bit when you're not walking. you'd still have to be 10 feet tall, though.
same with this dress. there is something about it that i love. but where or how could i wear it??? also, notice how the same model has the exact same face in the pink dress pic above. sort of creepy.
this looks very fashion editor on a casual day. but it's still a bit odd. even though i love the styling.
more saturday show ♥ herchcovitch ss 2011

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