I just watched Loïc Prigent's latest documentary...playing now on Sundance (love Sundance...!). He's the lovely who did the lovely Marc Jacobs doc that I've literally watched over 1000 times. No joke. I love this style of doc. Of music choice and humor. And narration. And that everything is really in French with subtitles. (KIDS...LEARN FRENCH AND ITALIAN...and don't every stop using it! I studied French for 5 years and then stopped, thinking it would stay...it DIDN'T!) Sundance is lovely enough to share it with us. So I'll post a chapter on here and  hope you can watch the rest on the Sundance site...forever! (I would have posted all the chapters...but it doesn't allow you to.) It's quite long...90 minutes. So get something lovely to munch on and turn the ringer on your phone off. There's also a follow up that's a bit shorter by 30 minutes. It's GIRL ON THE RUN: Winter 2010...and I believe it to be about the economic climate  and how it's affecting fashion. Or, the fashion industry. There's also a series called THE DAY BEFORE which is 36 hours with a designer before their fashion show. The first episode was DVF, which was really good. And the second is going to be Versace. Loïc gets personal...in their zone, so to speak. That's also what I enjoy. The first film...10 YEARS....pinpoints the most poignant things that happened in the past 10 years...it includes the nasty break up and friction between Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford's take over and the backers behind the stress, the sad goodbye of Christian Lacroix and even some funny scandals about Anna Wintour wearing the same dress twice in one week. 

I LOVE THIS!!! And will buy it as soon as I can. I'm an Aquarius...we obsess over a few things, watching and dissecting them over and over and over...and then we move on to the next batch. :)This film reminds me of so many reasons why I wanted to be a fashion editor when I was a little little child. But it also bums me out,  because it really gets into the big money reasons why the old ways of fashion are totally disappearing, and the business of fashion and the money of fashion really f***s it all up.  And how will it and can it ever go back again? I mean, some of these houses are insanely huge...I wonder what it was like to be a fashion editor in the late 50s or mid 60s. When the houses were small and personal and respected for talent, not the money they brought in. It says somewhere in this film that if Chanel were alive today, she'd still be a burlesque dancer.

You can follow onto the next chapter here on the Sundance Channel site. *** (Might be best to just click the site link and see all the chapters...there are 10!) ♡

*** NOTE: I just checked the link, and apparently the link for GIRL ON THE RUN: 10 YEARS is not there. BUT if you click on GIRL ON THE RUN: WINTER 2010, you'll see all the chapters for 10 YEARS.

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