There might not be any bags in the Giles Deacon collection that just showed at London Fashion Week, but the sweaters are in the bag...or hopefully my bag. I would love love to own some of those "jumpers". But I also loved a lot of the pill-popping dresses, as well as the Band-Aid prints. Though the makeup wasn't really flattering...even though I love a glitter halo around the eyes...but it didn't really matter. The collection was still a win. It was just FUN! (Just like his glasses .) If you're used to reading this blog, you'll notice I love a lot of chic fashion, and a lot of clean girly fashion and a lot of fun fun fashion. Wearing a good piece that's a bit out there in a crisp way really can define an entire look and, for that matter, an entire person's take on style. A pretty dress with some kooky eyeballs done right (in a 50s classic way) can say so much about a girl. :) And that's why it stood out from the crowd and why it's totally AWESOME. ♡

i love this little sweater and the shorts, too.
maybe not the vest. but the pill dress is so so cute.
really fun and sexy dress. not every girl is going to rock this.
i love this 50s comic book look. it also looks very 50s Frenchie to me.
sans vest, would be a gret piece with different shoes.
the band aids! pretty fun cute bubble dress. i don't know who would wear it, but it would be great editorial.
very sweet and then you look close and see how fun the print is.
i LOVE LOVE this dress. even though the size of the teacup skirt is pretty huge. it's soooo girly i LOVE it!
and look at the manicure the models got for the show! googly eyed nails!

more wednesday wonder ♥ uber high hair

all runway images from style.com
nail image from nylonmag.com

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