I, like a lot of people, have a fascination with China...and especially Chinese Vogue. There's something clean clean and pristine about it. There are boundaries they can't cross. There's a different mindset, obviously, than other Asian fashion rags. But it's more than that. The shoots look freshly scrubbed, if that makes any sense. I had another makeup post ready to go, but I felt like i really needed to have this story on here. It's so China doll...meets Nancy Girl.  I have a good friend who will be on here soon, Adele Mildred. One of the things I used to love about her when we'd get ready to go out was...all of a sudden, I'd look up and she's have aqua circles around her eyes. And it looked magnificent. I didn't do it as often, but while I was in NYC, I did get to play with makeup that way. I think it's nice the way fashion has gone and the kids are once again getting experimental. I wish there was a whole scene of these "Lollipop Girls"...chic birds with a little bit of flash...done with grace.  Notice the bare brow.

(I also would LOVE to know who makes those lovely candy pink sunglasses! But I can't read Chinese!) ♡

i just found out...the pink glasses (that now i MUST have!) are Giles for Cutler and Gross! 

more makeup monday ♥ candy face

beauty images from vogue.cn
cutler and gross sunglasses from http://spectaclelovesyou.blogspot.com

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