GET CHRISTY was a series of prints done by prolific artist/writer and dear friend Walter Cessna a while ago now...though, they still look as fresh as ever. I will let him talk about this project below in his own words....but I was there in San Francisco at the opening and it was NUTS. Nuts as in a madhouse. And it was so well received. What I think is so amazing is these are DOLLS! There are countless images, but the ones I selected look like I ripped them out of a 60s French Marie Claire...I also especially love that the girls are black and I don't know what that one girl/doll is, but she looks amazing, or IT looks amazing, in the photo. Walter is a genius with styling as well as clothing design (experienced, too, and I know it bugs him...but I keep bringing up how great he was...though now he's very very busy with his other art...photography). These prints are available for purchase. Info is below. Have a look, darlings...and I promise you'll be as amazed as I am at how he gets these dolls to emote like any super model ever could.

I own this one and love it. It looks like a tear from a vintage magazine.
I love this one, too...lovely acorn hat!

I still shoot some of them but it was mainly a specific project that I started out of the frustration of  (A) not being able to make my fashion sketches into real garments, so my BF at the time James Salaiz suggested I create miniature versions. When they came out so good I started photographing them to keep a record and it grew from there, because I was having so much fun creating this little dream world inhabited by dolls. And (B) we were stuck living in the mountains of Pennsylvania and there were very few people (besides my muse Mouse, who I wanted to photograph). The reason all the photos are of black or Asian dolls is because I had never seen anyone pay attention to anything other than the standard blonde Barbie. I got the funding for the project from MAC cosmetics because I basically lied and said that all the make-up on the dolls was by them when in fact it was all done with Sharpies. The Get Christy project was and still is very special to me because (thanks to you, Mandana) it was my first real show as an artist and second it was one of the few times I've been able to incorporate the three things I love the most- photography, fashion design and styling. In all, I hand made over 500 miniature dresses (which I still have) and went through 27 dolls. Michael Economy came up with the name Get Christy and actually edited the first version of the show which was supposed to be at Kenny Schachters' gallery before he decided to close it after a Kenny Scharff show and relocate to England. That was when MAC came into the picture.♡

11 X 14 prints in numbered editions of 20 are $150 each.
Best way to order the prints or contact Walter is through Facebook.  

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all images provided by and copyrighted by walter cessna, y'all

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montronix said...

walter....maybe you need to photograph each of those little outfits and turn that into a book. i mean, just the outfits...on a doll hanger or something. just like real clothes. that might be rad...