I was so confused this week about which designer to feature in this post. There were so many. Some are my long-time favorites while others are more new to me this year. I think you'll be happy if you've only seen sneak peeks of this design house and you'll be super thrilled if you've never heard of it. These are the kinds of designers that, for me, had candyland dreams that pushed them into fashion where they learned the right way to do things, paid their dues and took the chance to launch their line the way they always wanted to. Le Tour De Force is Camille Roman, who graduated in womenswear from Central Saint Martins and then worked at Lanvin and Zac Posen before taking the leap. I believe she's more known for her extravagantly Alice head pieces. But the clothing and everything else is equally...enchanting. ♡

a birdcage headpiece!!!
"blue damsel rose" headpiece!
bunny bow headpiece!
tippi headpiece
the fringe headpiece (reminds me a bit of 50s feather pill hats)
the "hitch" headpiece
swift headpiece (fantasy!!)

more tuesday tailor ♥ agnes b. boy

all images from le tour de force

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