Above is a good clip because it shows a lot of the great Edith Head costumes plus the sequence I think is weird good...if you want to just see that (you MUST see that), start it around the 5:30 mark. (When you see "Natalie" it means that's her voice and "Jackie" is the voice over by Jackie Ward.
Below is the trailer for the film.

Natalie Wood is in most of my all-time favorite movies as well as general movie classics (Rebel Without a Cause, Splendor in the Grass, Gypsy...the list is endless). So when my mom (both of my parents are and were super movie buffs and exposed my brother and me to a lot of good old films) suggested I watch "Inside Daisy Clover", I was pretty excited to watch a film from 1962 featuring Natalie and an all-star cast including luscious and very young Robert Redford and Ruth Gordon (of Harold and Maude fame). This movie is visually really cool because, again, Edith Head was the costume designer and again was nominated for an Oscar for the film in 1966. 
Japanese? story on the film's release in 1962

The outfits Natalie Wood wears are all over the place...which makes it really fun to watch. She's very homely and dirty and tattered at the beginning (when she's living on "Angel Beach" with her mother Ruth Gordon...Angel Beach is actually Santa Monica and that part was filmed on the pier). And then you see her get redone, wearing the most amazing SILVER dress (that you can see a very good image of in the first clip. It's amazing). Her clown costumes and other costumes she wears as a star filming her movies. But the one that's also pretty cool is the knicker poor-boy outfit she wears in that black-and-white song feature that I want to you to watch in the first clip. It's just....weird. 

that's Santa Monica Pier behind her and it looks the same today
She has a dolly dress on that is amazing here.
Edith Head's sketch for Natalie Wood's silver princess dress!
The very strange black-and-white dance number...with the silver poor-boy outfit
This film is strange because it's kind of very avant garde but it's also really big budget Hollywood. But if you are into design and history and especially creative greats like Edith Head, this is a must must must see. While I was doing research for images, I found the most amazing thing...the silver  lamé poor-boy costume that Natalie wore is actually up for auction ! If i had $3000, I would buy this in one second. Have a look:
it looks like it's in perfect condition
it even has the hat!
What I especially love about these auction images is you an actually see the awesome detail in the piece. Just click on the images to enlarge them.  I also came across a really cool blog that shows movie locations in the films and the locations as they are now, and you can see a post about this film here. I wish I had more good images of all the costumes in this movie, even the menswear is gorgeous on Christopher Plummer and Robert Redford. Just rent this movie. It is long. You might need to make it a Sunday party or something. But if you love fashion and design and pure artistic creation by masters, and the 60s, you will LOVE every detail of this film.♡

okay...this is NOT an image from In Daisy Clover...but he looks so hot here, I had to include it.They don't make 'em like this anymore. :)

auction images from http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/5966236
other images from 

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