I'm not showing you shows this week, at least not in this post. But I fell in love with this design team that creates these amazing tights. Tights don't get the credit they deserve. Wearing one pair of tights can totally change, update, spruce up, vavoom a look in a minute. Depending on where you go. I know an editor in Paris who wears the most simple pieces, and then she'll come over to me with three pairs of tights in bright lemon yellow, shocking aqua and hot pink and ask me which one I like. It completely changes her outfit. The problem I have about living in LA as opposed to another town that's more seasonal like New York is that in New York, you have so many more opportunities to rock a good tight. In any case, these pieces by French label Les Queues de Sardines (love the name, too) are so fun. Again, more fodder for your styling gig/fashion shoot. They even have a couple of limited editions! Tights! Have a look and tell me what you think... ♡

Pyro...subtle and fun.
the "66" tight (as in Route 66)

Agnathe tights
Disco Zeus design for someone a little more bold
Flizus...pretty shade of pink. is that a plant or seaweed or fishbones?
Gargantua! (hilarious! i think these could be really cute under a simple mini dress and some pretty blk pumps. adds a bit of personality. definitely.)
Mon Oeil!!! these are so surreal! almost Miró!
Organe. so funny and pretty at the same time!
i think these are my favorite...the style is called Polly. it's like wearing pop art.
Limited Editions:
how great is this photo? this style of tights is called NO FEET!
FFFIOU! yep...that's the name. i LOVE these, too.

all images from les queues de sardines

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Searching for Style said...

Those are so cool! I have a few weird tights back from my Sonia Rykiel days, some of them were samples. You are right, tights are totally underrated.