I have to admit, I can't remember exactly where I pulled these images from. I scanned them about 2 years ago when I was working on a NIKE Women campaign in Portland at Wieden + Kennedy. I think they came from either Self Service or Numéro or Zoo magazine. I'll add the proper credit as soon as I figure it out. The reason I pulled them was because of  the type of photography effect they use...a lenticular 3D camera (which I LOVE and really want to buy...even though getting the images processed is hard because not everyone does it). I really love the sexiness and the perfection of the accessories, color, makeup, hair and angles on this beauty/accessories story.  It also has a lot to do with editing. There are some really amazing photographers out there...but they miss the ticket a little when they edit, i.e....they'll pass on the best shots for something else. Or else, they don't know  which shots are the best because, in their minds, all their shots are perfect. Editing is key. And any editor is going to notice how a photographer, or stylist, edits their work. I happened to find this story by accident whilst looking for another image in my old NIKE folders. And I was stoked that I had the entire story. I've rarely seen this photography effect since. You could give this assignment to ten teams and not get the results like the below vision. It's perfect. It's...cherry.  ♡

more makeup monday ♥ henna hands

all images from something i can't remember...but i will find out.

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