OMGoodness. I have to set aside $200 for this new book, the PUCCI book that's been released and published by amazing book publisher Taschen. You can leaf through it on their site, but there are some amazing photos below. It looks insane. It has everything. It puts skin on the phantom. I mean, Pucci is such an adored brand, design house, icon....but could any of your pick Mr. Emilio Pucci out of a crowd? Have you seen oodles of photos of him working and cocktailing? It's a gorgeous buy. I have to add this to my fashion library. Oi vey. :)They're only making 10,000 copies. And every single copy is going to bound with one of "a selection of recent print fabrics from the Pucci collection!" See some of the Prince of Prints below. ♡
a lot of the different book covers

more saturday shopping ♥ eley kishimoto

all images from Taschen

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