Who doesn't know of Vidal Sassoon? Like so many iconic 60s brands, this hair designer fell into licensing and the brand sort of lost its identity as a hipper-than-hip trend. But the truth is that Vidal Sassoon created some of the most iconic stylee young clean even-today amazing hairstyles. That's why he was the adoration of all of London and anyone else in the Mod-ness scene. I would love to see this film inspire a new batch of Mods. About a year ago or so, for one of my trend reports, I wrote that the Mods would again take over the fashion world in the near future (near future for an Aquarius can mean a year or even a couple years...). And I do believe it's still going to happen. It did happen with a lot of the shows last season, but maybe with the launch of this film the rest of the package will come into reality....perfect geometric coifs and pale faces. I can still remember all the Mod scooter gangs riding around Hollywood back in the 80s. They'd hang out in the parking lot of Gazzari's (no longer around). We'd drive by looking for the cutest boys with the most mirrors on their Vespas. Maybe Vidal Sassoon The Movie will bring back a new generation of these kids...I can't wait! ♡

Not from the film but really interestingly funny...
Vidal on the old game show What's My Line?

i think my mother had one or two of these cuts. she was a total mod.
vidal cuts mia farrow's famous hair
vidal cutting legendary designer mary quant's famous hair
voila..the five-point cut.
peggy moffitt...another sassoon icon maker
vidal and mary...swinging london darlings

peggy moffitt
UPDATE 5/9/2012:
I am so so sad to hear that Mr. Sassoon has passed away. I noticed a spike in hits to my blog...I've been out all day at meetings and running errands. I was super confused at the peak. But I did notice most of the hits were for the post on the Vidal Sassoon movie. I did a google search and to my dismay found out about his passing. He was such a genius. I'll do a proper post on him (and Maurice Sendak, too) very soon. RIP Vidal Sassoon. :(

more sunday matinee ♥ bardi johannsson

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