I was going to post something on Mamba makeup, which is pretty amazing and insane and fascinating at the same time. BUT I decided to first do a post on something a little more doable on a regular basis...dolly makeup from Japan. It's called Gyaru (guy-uh-roo which translates to mountain hag..i know...i don't get it, either) makeup and it's a huge trend with those cute girls. It originated from a brand of jeans called "Gal" in the late 70s and early 80s. Those girls were called "Gyarus." I think it's wholly possible for anyone to wear this kind of makeup and look adorable. I'll show you some photos and then there's a great how-to video featuring an adorable Japanese girl who looks like a baby at first. You have to remember I've been a magazine editor for over 10 years, as well as a trend forecaster, so I am obsessed with trends and casting, fresh faces, new ways of doing things. Though, this blog is mostly about being kitten and pretty. Have a look. I think it's gorgeous. Be sure to notice these details in the video...that it might look really simple at the end, but there are a hundred steps. I think when you're super young, you tend to wear tons of makeup...but if you cake it on when you're over 30, you end up looking like a drag queen.

Then...there's Gyaru Moji (translates to "Gal's Alphabet"), which is a culture of Gyarus who have their own text messaging language. It includes more characters than regular Japanese, making it effort-full, confidential and exclusive, y'all. It's basically new wave girl code. Dang. Enjoy. ♡

how to gyaru
another how to gyaru
not all gyarus dress like dollies

And if you want to know how to finish it up with some Gyaru hair...

Here is my favorite YouTube Gyaru beauty guru: PinkStrawberrii...I always watch her videos. I especially love her Asian product hauls...

more makeup monday ♥ italian vogue vixen

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