No doubt if you are into "other-fashion" and loathe those giant carry-on "purses" (right), you've seen or heard about these "book bags" by Olympia Le Tan. I'm a writer who writes everything...and reads a lot. And so I LOVE these bags. And love how they display. They designs come from the first edition covers of novels owned/collected by her artistic papa Pierre Le-Tan and are labeled MADE IN PARIS WITH LOVE. The best selection is available online through Colette.

I also love her father's art. It's a perfect father-daughter match. He also did a collection for Coach...a beach collection of bags and accessories (I'm not a Coach girl, so not sure I'll show them here), but I do love Pierre Le-Tan's art.
Pierre Le-Tan ink and watercolor (so royal tenenbaums)
you can see the influence. love this piece by Pierre Le-Tan, too
And here are some of Olympia Le Tan's bags...so far my Xmas list has a lot of bags on it. Maybe I'll get them before the holidays...but which one do I get??? ♡
the holy grail for writers and book first edition covers

and look how nicely they display...

more wednesday bag ♥ antoni & alison

images from 
olympialetan.com and

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