I had to post something on this one shoe. It's nice that Isabel Toledo has finally received all the due respect from the mainstream that she's been receiving for years from the counter culture crew. The Toledos (Isabel and her man Ruben) are amazing visionaries. I'm going to see if Walter Cessna will score an interview as a guest blogger on here for me (hi, Walter!). She's someone who continues to create, no matter if it is accepted by the masses or not. Well, when I heard about the Isabel Toledo for Payless Shoes collection, I was FLOORED. Truth be told, if you are not from the States, you might not know of Payless. I know they've upped their anty in the past few years, and they do offer cute shoes for low prices...but I used to equate those Payless shoes as shoes that would cut your foot up. I'd never even enter their stores. AS IF. But now...after seeing this one shoe, I might need to go pick it up. In addition to being sooooo adorably bonbon cartoon, I think it will also become a collector's piece since Ms. Toledo became one of the designers to dress Madame Obama. I see it in my collections along with my Stephen Sprouse for Target skateboard and clothes. I have to admit, though...I'd probably end up wearing these. They're just too damn cute. They're only $44 (USD)! I give you the Toreador Pump ! ♡

Just because I was able to take a quick pic of it lodged at the top of my old closet, here is my Stephen Sprouse for Target skateboard, still in its package. I'm so happy I own it.

more shoe me thursday ♥ les queues des sardines

shoe images from payless.com
sprouse deck image my own


walt cessna said...

I've been digging everything you post but this got me super excited-have you seen the beautiful ad in Vogue illustrated by Ruben Toledo? Alas, they no longer return my calls but I can still appreciate from afar! xxWalt

montronix said...

aaaah...no worries.thx for digging it, walter. x

montronix said...

oh ps i haven't seen the illustration cuz have not looked at vogue us. but i get the catalogs he usually illustrates....same as the ads usually.