Ok. Usually I'd write a bunch of stuff and show a ton of images that go along with the "film" I'm showcasing on my Sunday Matinee Post. BUT I just thought the best way for you to see why I think they should start showing this show on TV again and why I don't understand how they don't is to just play a show for you. The only show I could find online, in fact. All I kept hearing and have heard every time someone brings up Marlo Thomas or her successful show "That Girl" is that it was fun and that she wore the best clothes. !!!! So good was her wardrobe that they have a "That Girl Barbie", clothing patterns, paper dolls and more. I guess she was the SJP of the late 60s and early 70s....though I'll def do a post on how SJP and SITC are really a knock-off of the one-and-only Party Girl , Parker Posey (oh yeah...I wrote it. yep!). When I finally saw That Girl, I was so annoyed that no one plays these shows ever anymore...because the clothes are amazing! So, yeah...I'll put the show on here, and I guess I'll end up putting some images, too. I really wish they'd show reruns of this show instead of a lot of crap that's on...at least we could watch the clothes...and the furniture...and the cars....and the.... ♡ 

(I even found a fashion exhibit of vintage designer pieces, where they styled all the mannequins as That Girl!)

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