There's only one bag here...and a lot of amazing accessories. So many that I'd love to work on a new shoot just to use them all! But the bag is good enough, even if it's the only one in this post. It's the "Palm Springs" bag from Johnny Loves Rosie, a whimsical design brand that I LOVE. Especially the lip rings and the gigantic bows! They would make for so many amazing editorials and I can't wait to see what else they'll create. I know I showcase a lot of silly wonderful design here. But this is Nancy Girl. This isn't a blog about my all-black rocker simple simple side. This is about celebrating diversity in fashion. And whimsy. Whether the label is large or tiny. So I'll start with the bag and go onto the accessories...I can't wait to work on some new shoots soon or get called to do a cool styling gig so I can pull these! ♡

the palm springs bag...perfect in every single way.
love this jeweled lip ring
the close up even looks good...and well done.

red lips
a lot like Dali's red jeweled lip piece

cherry print large bow hairband...oh how many outfits I can come up based on this piece!
lips and hearts

rocka billy collection stud set

giant heart necklace...i think this piece would look more amazing on someone....i don't think this simple shot does it justice. every time you have a huge piece like this, it makes a huge statement. and that's why i love it.

who doesn't love giant strawberry hair pins???

look at this. i wish i had a better shot of it on an actual head. this looks a little creepy, but i think it shows the scale of the bow. this is what fashion editors and stylists live for. a different piece to pull a fashion story together.
amazing in red!

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