I love these candy-striped wedge sandals from Swedish label Minimarket.  Actually, these wedge sandals come from Minimarket's diffusion line, Mini for Many. Really cute and fun and easy to wear with almost anything...I promise. They remind me of the Miu Miu shoes or was it Sonia Rykiel from a couple of seasons ago. Nevertheless, these Mini for Many Stripe Canvas Wedges are really cute and very reasonable at only £115 from Tatty Devine (who ships world wide!).♡

lovely heel view. love these.

all images courtesy of  tatty devine



This "Pandora" Plexiglas clutch by Charlotte Olympia is pretty amazing. It's so vintage I love it. It's so simple I love it. But I think what makes it fun and modern is it comes with 3 interchangeable leopard-print canvas, black crepe and gold leather internal pouches....pretty weird and cool. I love it. Pretty pricey, but if you can afford it....it would make for an awesome mother's day gift for a stylee mama. Available on net-a-porter.

images from net-a-porter.com



Here's the crazy BERNHARD WILLHELM FALL 2012 COLLECTION . I mean, I do love the creativity and message he throws out there. This is the women's collection. And I do see a lot of wearable bits. I especially love the boots. Dunno. No matter if every collection is totally my style, I remain loyal to this designer.♡

more tuesday tailor ♥ richard nicoll on nye

images from bernhard-willhelm.com



So I've mentioned a few times before that I love watching the beauty "shows" on YouTube...I have my favorites. I tend to watch everything online now and hardly ever go sit in front of the TV. And I prefer it that way. I'm even going to invest in a projector so I can watch my films large. Well...I do have so much product to review, too, but I can't get to it quite yet as I am still settling in and it feels like I am also fighting some sort of bug. I've also ordered some new poshy product that is exactly what I need to feel like myself again...which I will also review in a future post. See, when it comes to beauty product, I have been devoted to my staple pieces. And for a very very long time, I received everything to review for the magazines I was with, especially when I was with Oyster magazine (5 years!). You sort of get spoilt and you don't really venture out too much when you have boxes coming to you all the time. I think that might start up again, hopefully, after I announce the good news. But it was definitely an educational updating experience to watch the YouTube channels and learn how make up has evolved. Even the drugstore brands are up to par, for the most part. One of the issues I have is with bronzer. I'm not a super bronzer type of girl. I do and have done quite a bit of tanning, whether on the beach or in a bed (I'm a Southern California girl...who grew up 15 minutes from the beach...I'm used to the tanning season...or I was before I left). But whenever I tan, I completely cover my face with a towel or a hat. And then I fake that part later on. When I was super young, a teen, there was only one true bronzer everyone used. I can't remember what it was called, but I think it was called something like mother earth or something and it came in a tiny terra cotta pot. Now, however, there are so many and so many shimmers and mattes and shades and etc etc....that I was happy to see something about it from an expert online. Truth be told the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel is one of my favorites. She's so practical and offers so many amazing tips and wearable make ups and you can see how much it changes her look. She looks hot and sexy...always. She has two vids on bronzing, and lucky or funny enough for me, the first one features a girl with huge curly hair!!! :) Then there is another that actually shows a bronzed up look. It's still a bit chilly. I don't see anyone strutting around half naked yet. But I think we're all aching for some warm consistent weather and for that we need to get our bronze on.

Here is the second video with the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge giving us a step by step...

more makeup monday  ♥ natural and free



I know some of my readers might have already watched this video of Galliano's last show from Fall 2011. But I only watched it yesterday. And even though there were very few people there, I did love it only because it was gorgeous and that it looked like an old-school show from back in the 50s. Which is why you should watch it. It's filmed as though you were sitting front row and you truly get to see the clothes in a good light, which allows you to appreciate how amazingly gorgeous they are. I might have another SUNDAY MATINEE post up later today. Depends on how busy I get. I'm settling into a beach town for a little bit of a sojourn. I do have some really good things I have wanted to cover, but I've been extremely busy. But thanks for reading. Maybe I'll also have the big news announced this coming week. :) Happy Sunday! PS...I KNOW I say there are so few people there...but I don't know that. I think there were multiple rooms. I heard there were less people there...but it's how this particular video showcases this one room and that's why it looks like an old-school fashion show.♡



I know I tend to feature some of my favorites a lot. But brands like Tatty Devine continue to surprise and enchant me with their imagination and execution. And...they're fun. 
I asked Amy Durant over at Tatty Devine if she could send me some images from their new collection "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?"...way before the fashion weeks. But I'm finally able to post these. Mind you, I wanted to get a huge crystal pendant years before Mr. Tom Ford created them for his last collection. It's all about the higher power, if you will, and though I'd prefer the crystal bits to be true crystal and not faux crystal, they're still pretty cool pieces, either to wear, to gift or to shoot as a prop. I might get a few of these just to have them. I mean, where else are you going to find a crystal crown? All available for purchase on Tatty Devine's site.♡

i love tatty devine casting and styling their fun images.

awesome "crystal" bib necklace
halcyon moon earrings

one quartz crystal ring
a cluster of crystals ring
amazing amazing (and a bit expensive) crystal crown/headpiece. would love to own this! (really!)
glittered wing earrings also come in black glitter!

more saturday shopping ♥ karen walker sunglasses

images courtesy of amy durant at tatty devine (thx!)



Ever since I looked at the Ann Ward shoot in Vogue Italia, I've been thinking this is indeed the new route I'm going with for my own hair....some blonde color and some big big crazy curls. Will I do it? If I have the cash flow to keep it up, probably yes. It's a great look and it's totally my speed. My hair is pretty much feathered in a very Joan Jett or Suzi Quatro way. But I think some crazy Italian-inspired curls might be the thing to catapult me into my future. Make sense? Non? Well, of course because we attract what what we focus on, I also found this other Vogue Italia shoot to be equally inspiring. It's shot by Mario Sorrenti and the model is none other than Raquel Zimmermann...and she has the curl girl thing I keep telling you all about. And it looks AWESOME. :) Have a look-see and I'll let you know when and if I go there. But plan on seeing more girly curls for a while...unless something else turns me on way way more. x♡

I'd go a bit longer, though...more like the Ann Ward shoot.

more girl friday ♥ the queen of chinatown

images from vogue italia



All I can say is these shoes are HOT. Really hot. Look at the back view, which kind of remind me of my vintage Terry de Havilland plats. Yep. And I promise you'll be able to wear them until you either can't wear heels anymore or they fall apart because you've worn them to death. I promise. Sergio Rossi "Karung" heels are available at Colette (of course they are).♡

okay...what else is there to say?

more shoe me thursday ♥ candy flats

images from colette.fr


This is kind of a cool bag. Based on the theme for this Undercover collection, it's supposedly the future and the forces of evil have taken over. So...what would happen to your Chanel quilt if this was true? Would the double-C clasp turn into an all-seeing eye? And would your bag look like you've been dodging evil forces? It's like if a comic strip character came to life and you got to see what happened to her/his bag, if you know what I mean. And I love that kind of creative vision. Silk and leather bag, metal clasp, metal and silk strap. Available at Colette.♡

there's something very cool about this bag.

more wednesday bag ♥ foxy and fendi

images from colette y'all


This feels very strange. I know people eventually pass on. But when an icon whose body of work is so incredibly substantial finally passes, it's a very strange feeling. In my family, movies are KING. So I had seen most of her films before I was even in school. Especially movies like "Giant" with Rock Hudson and James Dean, whom I adored from the age of 6. And I do love that movie so much. It's really incredible. But when I think of Liz Taylor, I think of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with another hottie who's passed, Paul Newman. She is so gorgeous in this film. Almost alien in her beauty and perfection. Another film I think of immediately is "Cleopatra", just because the sets were so over the top and her outfits were so rad and it was kind of strange to cast her in that role. There are too many films to think about. The one film that is very much Nancy Girl is "Butterfield 8", a saucy hip story about a naughty tough-and-hot girl. Eddie Fisher is in this film, too. And like the whole Brad Pitt scandal, Liz stole Eddie away from another big star, Debbie Reynolds...(Debbie/Jennifer, Eddie/Brad, Elizabeth/Angelina).

I mean, this entire blog is about style, but more so it's about being the girl (or boy) you want to be. Elizabeth Taylor LIVED. She lived her life the way she wanted no matter what anyone else thought.  I mean, she was married like EIGHT times! And unapologetically. But she really took her craft seriously. It's pretty amazing. So here are some bits of "Butterfield 8" and some others. My mom and I always say these old movie stars were such a unique breed. There aren't any Liz Taylors anymore. Totally.♡

Liz Taylor, Butterfield 8 and the mink coat...




I hadn't seen the images of America's Top Model winner from last season (not the new season which is on right now), Ann Ward. I was so happy she won. Yes, I finally started watching the show and I love seeing the famous creatives...create. Anyway, I received my Vogue.it email update with the most amazing pic by Ellen von Unwerth with a girl who looked like a doll from the 60s. And I knew I wanted to showcase it for a Makeup Monday post. So...after looking for it, finding it and then realizing THIS IS ANN WARD....it's her Vogue Italia shoot as part of her winning prizes....I was amazed. It is a ma zing. Plus, the video is equally gorgeous. This is what doing a magazine should be like...imagination and vision! And, the make up is GORGEOUS. (PS I hope we see a ton more of Ann Ward. And I wish there were a million more shoots as magical as that one. I'd post them all the time.)♡

amazing amazing amazing
amazing amazing amazing
love the hairdo, love the make up, love the black sequins love it all.
look at that wasp waist!

more makeup monday ♥ zach hill's nail salon

images from vogue.it