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I just watched an amazing PBS documentary about New York garment history....and it was amazingly done. It's about how unions in the workplace, esp in the garment industry, and more specifically, with regards to the shirtwaist and its popularity in the early 1900s. If you read my blog, you see I constantly research all facets of fashion...I watch loads of old movies over and over and over....I do love movies, though. I make note of everything down to the buttons and stockings. And I'm also really fascinated when I read a story about beauty or fashion in industry and how it changed society and lives –usually women's lives– forever. So I'll post part 1 TRIANGLE FIRE above. It's part of the PBS American Experience series. Which I LOVE. (LOVE PBS.). You can click here to follow onto the next or watch the entire thing in whole. Mind you, it is a bit somber...in a way. It's a nice break from Fashion Week, but still ties in.♡

shirtwaist factory workers.

click on this shirtwaist advert to enlarge it. it's amazing. it shows how popular the garment was...!

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