Ever since I looked at the Ann Ward shoot in Vogue Italia, I've been thinking this is indeed the new route I'm going with for my own hair....some blonde color and some big big crazy curls. Will I do it? If I have the cash flow to keep it up, probably yes. It's a great look and it's totally my speed. My hair is pretty much feathered in a very Joan Jett or Suzi Quatro way. But I think some crazy Italian-inspired curls might be the thing to catapult me into my future. Make sense? Non? Well, of course because we attract what what we focus on, I also found this other Vogue Italia shoot to be equally inspiring. It's shot by Mario Sorrenti and the model is none other than Raquel Zimmermann...and she has the curl girl thing I keep telling you all about. And it looks AWESOME. :) Have a look-see and I'll let you know when and if I go there. But plan on seeing more girly curls for a while...unless something else turns me on way way more. x♡

I'd go a bit longer, though...more like the Ann Ward shoot.

more girl friday ♥ the queen of chinatown

images from vogue italia

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