So I've mentioned a few times before that I love watching the beauty "shows" on YouTube...I have my favorites. I tend to watch everything online now and hardly ever go sit in front of the TV. And I prefer it that way. I'm even going to invest in a projector so I can watch my films large. Well...I do have so much product to review, too, but I can't get to it quite yet as I am still settling in and it feels like I am also fighting some sort of bug. I've also ordered some new poshy product that is exactly what I need to feel like myself again...which I will also review in a future post. See, when it comes to beauty product, I have been devoted to my staple pieces. And for a very very long time, I received everything to review for the magazines I was with, especially when I was with Oyster magazine (5 years!). You sort of get spoilt and you don't really venture out too much when you have boxes coming to you all the time. I think that might start up again, hopefully, after I announce the good news. But it was definitely an educational updating experience to watch the YouTube channels and learn how make up has evolved. Even the drugstore brands are up to par, for the most part. One of the issues I have is with bronzer. I'm not a super bronzer type of girl. I do and have done quite a bit of tanning, whether on the beach or in a bed (I'm a Southern California girl...who grew up 15 minutes from the beach...I'm used to the tanning season...or I was before I left). But whenever I tan, I completely cover my face with a towel or a hat. And then I fake that part later on. When I was super young, a teen, there was only one true bronzer everyone used. I can't remember what it was called, but I think it was called something like mother earth or something and it came in a tiny terra cotta pot. Now, however, there are so many and so many shimmers and mattes and shades and etc etc....that I was happy to see something about it from an expert online. Truth be told the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel is one of my favorites. She's so practical and offers so many amazing tips and wearable make ups and you can see how much it changes her look. She looks hot and sexy...always. She has two vids on bronzing, and lucky or funny enough for me, the first one features a girl with huge curly hair!!! :) Then there is another that actually shows a bronzed up look. It's still a bit chilly. I don't see anyone strutting around half naked yet. But I think we're all aching for some warm consistent weather and for that we need to get our bronze on.

Here is the second video with the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge giving us a step by step...

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