Really and truly, the couple of shows/designers I want to feature in this Tuesday Tailor post have photos that don't really translate the looks as well as the show videos. So I'll post a couple pics, but do watch the video of the shows if you haven't already. Giles. I post so much about this man it's ridiculous. But I love what he does. He clearly knows clothes, but he also has fun and takes a chance. For me the high sophistication alongside the Little Bo Peep giant hair bows were awesome. And the crazy what-looks-like-monkey-hair fur pieces are insane. A vintage look from a time when women actually coveted monkey hair on their coats and gowns.♡

this was so crazy looking. but i've seen real vintage pieces that look just like this. long ass monkey fur. not sure what fur this is. but the bow does it for me. makes it more surreal even. fantasy fantastic.
just gorrrrgeous makeup. absolutely gorgeous.
this is britt maren...and she looks just like  a model i had tearsheets of on my closet doors when i was a teenager. she was a surfer girl model...maybe that was erin wasson. anyway...she looks exactly like that old-school surfer girl model. i'll have to figure it out.

more tuesday tailor ♥ mandy coon

images from style.com

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