I know some of my readers might have already watched this video of Galliano's last show from Fall 2011. But I only watched it yesterday. And even though there were very few people there, I did love it only because it was gorgeous and that it looked like an old-school show from back in the 50s. Which is why you should watch it. It's filmed as though you were sitting front row and you truly get to see the clothes in a good light, which allows you to appreciate how amazingly gorgeous they are. I might have another SUNDAY MATINEE post up later today. Depends on how busy I get. I'm settling into a beach town for a little bit of a sojourn. I do have some really good things I have wanted to cover, but I've been extremely busy. But thanks for reading. Maybe I'll also have the big news announced this coming week. :) Happy Sunday! PS...I KNOW I say there are so few people there...but I don't know that. I think there were multiple rooms. I heard there were less people there...but it's how this particular video showcases this one room and that's why it looks like an old-school fashion show.♡

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