I've always been a huge fan of vintage Balmain. It used to be a little easy to find hiding out on a weird dusty rack in a thrift shop in the middle of nowhere. I've liked some of the pieces in some of the shows. And I've disliked a lot of the other pieces, like all the torn/ripped jeans. That to me was not Balmain. I'm not sure if the Balmain Fall 2011 collection is really Balmain, either. But the prints seem to be. The shine. I have to say, though, that there are a lot of uber Glam Rock pieces and looks that I would seriously KILL for. Just take a look for yourself....this was more Ziggy Stardust than the other and more interesting than Mugler, frankly. (Actually...though the Mugler show was good...I think real Mugler is much better as far as pieces go...and there were times I thought, "this show looks like a Gaultier show a little...mixed with Gareth Pugh)....Anyway, have a look see and see how gorgeously isanely good some of these designs are. The good thing is for all of us who don't want to drop a dime on them...they're easy to recreate. Hell yeah.  (PS I guess Creative Director Christophe Decarnin was ordered by doctors to stay home and rest because he is ill....hope he gets better)....

insane and amazing. and thank goodness they were done with white boots.
i would love a jacket like this. and the boots, too. and the catsuit is easy.
i swear one of my favorite tops is exactly like this one...rainbow lurex vintage. and i love it. i bought it in new york about 10 years ago for 5 bucks. oh yeah.
so hot and so simple. if you can do it, do it!
one of the only dresses i really loved.
so KISS. so GOOD.
black on black!
i have boots exactly like this from when i was a teen going out on the sunset strip...but they go all the way up to my knees. i still have them.
yep. same shirt. amazing. love it.
oh yeah. if i had a boyfriend right now...i'd prob make him buy this for me right now. JK. :)
insanity. oh yeah. looks even more amazing close up. esp love the overall effect.
look for a thousand knock offs of this. oh yeah.

So...here's the song and the vid' this collection reminds me of...and if you were interested, this is also sort of how my hair is looking right now...like Joan Jett. But BIGGER.♡

more friday fancy ♥ t. rex "the slider"

images from style.com

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