I hadn't seen the images of America's Top Model winner from last season (not the new season which is on right now), Ann Ward. I was so happy she won. Yes, I finally started watching the show and I love seeing the famous creatives...create. Anyway, I received my Vogue.it email update with the most amazing pic by Ellen von Unwerth with a girl who looked like a doll from the 60s. And I knew I wanted to showcase it for a Makeup Monday post. So...after looking for it, finding it and then realizing THIS IS ANN WARD....it's her Vogue Italia shoot as part of her winning prizes....I was amazed. It is a ma zing. Plus, the video is equally gorgeous. This is what doing a magazine should be like...imagination and vision! And, the make up is GORGEOUS. (PS I hope we see a ton more of Ann Ward. And I wish there were a million more shoots as magical as that one. I'd post them all the time.)♡

amazing amazing amazing
amazing amazing amazing
love the hairdo, love the make up, love the black sequins love it all.
look at that wasp waist!

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images from vogue.it

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