I'm not the hugest 1940s fashion fan. I don't hate it. It's just not my thing unless it's 1970s-doing-1940s fashion. So although I liked some of the pieces from the Miu Miu Fall 2011 show, it wasn't like totally my thing. BUT, having said that, there were a lot of little bits and pieces that I did love. Especially the shoes. That I really want to own. Even though they did remind me a lot of one of my favorite Rochas collections a couple of seasons ago. Still, let's have a look. Oh, and I did enjoy watching the live stream.♡

THE shoe that i want the most...or one of the shoes that i want the most. also reminds me of Rochas. i would and will wear this every day if i can. :)
if you prefer silver. i prefer the gold. and no scrapes and bruises. ick.
this is a strange shoe. i don't know how to feel about it. i like it, but then i don't know how much. or if i love it.
in pink and gold. ?
great little 40s-esque pump. i have some from high school that look like this a lot. and they worked well with a lot of looks. it's a nice pump. for someone who wants something different.
mink. one of the thinks i love about miu miu is that she uses a lot of mink. well, i like the mink. maybe not that it's new. but it's a cool look. but def try to buy used/vintage so it doesn't count toward mink sales. if you can. that's what i do.
giant coin purses in the show were so fun! and the gorgeous detailing on the sleeves. love.
i'm not a fan of giant bags, but i think the giant coin purses were really cute.

non-40s make up at miu miu. gorgeous make up. though the chloe show had my favorite make up.
so pretty make up and gold sunglasses
a good updated version of  40s glamour.

more saturday shopping ♥ big shady hats

images from elle.com

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