As the days pass on, I am noticing my skin getting even more dry. I don't know why. I know I should be drinking a lot more water than my normal one-liter bottle a day. I do exfoliate my skin with good stuff about twice a week. For whatever reason, my skin is changing and the normal moisturizer I've been using forever is not really cutting it right now. Then I remembered I picked up this Dermalogica Intense Moisture Balance before going to my gig in the freezing Midwest last December. But I never really used it there. So I took it out of the box and tried it. And wow...this stuff is amazing. My skin looks so hydrated and smooth. The texture is quite thick coming out of the tube, so I only need a pea-size drop. And it smells lovely, an almost no-smell smell. Here is what the website says:
Vitamins C and E help soften while shielding against free radical damage, as Vitamin A, Coneflower and Grape Seed help repair prematurely-aging skin. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

I love this. If my skin continues to look like this, then the Dermalogica moisturizer will most definitely become my new everyday skin moisturizer. For morning and evening. It's pricey, but for your skin and haircut and makeup brushes, it really pays to invest.♡

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