OKAY...I can't decide if these Miu Miu Glitter-trimmed suede boots are amazing, or hideous. :) I think at nearly $1000, they are a bit much. I'd rather get some snakeskin heels. But if I saw them on a sale rack, would I rush over to try them on? YES. I think on sale, I'd get them. Because they're very Bowie/witchy/KISS looking. Part of me wonders who will buy these and the other part can't believe how Glam Rock they are...they look like they stepped out of the past and onto net-a-porter! I have another pair of shoes that kind of fit into this category once. My favorite Chanels. I saw them at Saks on the sale rack. They looked very very odd at first. Like silver glitter and red glitter and this cut out and a glitter ridged heel. But as soon as I put them on, I could quickly see the designer's intent. They are amazing and I'm just lucky not everyone saw the potential in them which gave me the chance to buy them at great price. They look like Chanel made them for someone in KISS. :)

Onto Miu Miu...honestly if I saw a vintage pair of shoes like this, the real deal, at a nice vintage shop...I'd buy them in a second. So I guess I do love these. So much. Because I do love Bowie and I do love KISS.♡

i mean, these look amazing. but they have to be on the right person with the right style.
that heel looks very old shoe...like vintage glam rock. not new. it's kind of a louis heel.

this toe also looks very 60s/70s. and witchy, too. looks like a vintage shoe.

more thursday shoe ♥ bernhard willhelm

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