I might have a guest blogger post something on here in a bit. If not today, then tomorrow. It's fantastic because it's my dear friend, stylist Masayo Kishi, who is really one of the most talented fashion people I know. Plus she is funny as hell. If she doesn't get back to me today, then I'll post something a bit later and post up her guest story tomorrow. 

BUT...I mentioned there was so amazing press this week. I posted up the review of my novel on Searching for Style earlier this week. Yesterday a review and interview with me went up on VICE.COM ! And it's really awesome! I am super happy with it and super happy that people like my novel! :) If you'd like to see it (and a picture of my little dog, too, with me), then go here

I want to thank Christina Catherine Martinez for really taking the time to explain my book and read my book and like my book. :) It's also really nice to be on the Vice site because I have a sentimental attachment to the magazine (how could that be, right?). Way back in the day, at least 10 years ago or around there, I befriended some of the Vice boys including a couple of the founders. And I had many fun times with them. (The icon of the face you see as the favicon on the site and on the corners of the pages in the magazine is one of the dudes.) They are really brilliant geniuses and very sweet sweet men. It's so nice to have my book featured in their publication.

Thanks also to my loyal readers. I am sorry things have been off and on on this blog recently. I really do need a vacation and to have some fun. I have been too much work work work. But thanks so much. If any of you have blogs and are interested in reviewing the book, I would love that, too. It doesn't just have to be big magazines. 

Thanks again. See you later with either a guest post or my own post! ♡

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