I think Lana Del Rey is a great example of amazing marketing. To me, she still looks like a very Upper East Side girl...but from Jersey (isn't that where her wealthy family lives? Isn't her real name Elizabeth Wooldridge Grant? Maybe I'm wrong). It's the HAIR AND THE MAKEUP that transform this girl from average to amazing. That nose and those lips could look very very bad and very plastic surgery if the makeup was wrong. For this August Italian Vogue issue, Lana Del Rey is shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, who is known for shooting saucy girls. The clothes are nice. She could have been in anything pretty much with that hair and makeup. Hair is by CHARLIE LE MINDU (of course! amazing!) and the makeup is by STEPHANIE KUNZ (brilliant brilliant...I want that makeup). Put it this way, if I was going to be shot with these two doing my hair and makeup, I would not care about the clothes as much...!♡

that doesn't even look like her. weird shot.

more makeup monday ♥ metallic smoky eyes

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