When I was in New York City, a very old friend of mine who knew everything about my being a writer and editor once said, "Why don't you have an Olivetti Valentine? You should have an Olivetti Valentine...You MUST get an Olivetti Valentine..." to which I replied "I don't even know what that is." He was shocked and immediately ran over to my computer and looked it up. I fell in love.

Adrianus Van Der Elst Illustration for Olivetti circa 1970
 Upon reading about Anna Piaggi's passing, I also read that to the day she died, Piaggi always typed her stories up on an Olivetti Valentine typewriter. It was designed by Ettore Sottsass and Perry A. King in 1969 for Olivetti and was hailed as a typewriter to be used everywhere other than the office (according to Wikipedia), because it was a modern take on a bulky machine, with finessed touches of 60s Pop art and an easy portable case. A beauty. And of course it comes in that amazing coral red color.

Roberto Pieraccini Illustration for Olivetti
 I haven't gotten my Olivetti Valentine thus far. I have some other typewriters, like the one I used growing up to retype song lyrics and write my own little fashion reviews and stories. But once I land a writing spot that I love, I will definitely add one to my collection.♡

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