Fashion lost one of its true fanatics this week, Anna Piaggi who really epitomized what it means to be obsessed with fashion and to own your own style. I knew her as one of the editors or writers from Italian Vogue, the one with the crazy bright outfits and kooky hats. And blue eyeshadow rings around her eyes. I think the first time I ever was aware of Anna Piaggi was in high school, when I started reading Italian Vogue. Here are some other things you might want to know (from Wikipedia): 

Piaggi had a large clothes collection, including 2,865 dresses and 265 pairs of shoes, according to a 2006 exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. [I would love to see those!]
She was a muse to Karl Lagerfeld and Stephen Jones, and Manolo Blahnik made a lot of her shoes (she also worked with him).

And, to my surprise, Piaggi lived in New York (since 1950-ish), traveling to Italy and London. I had no idea at all that she lived in NYC! 

I wonder, like the great Hollywood movie stars, what will happen to fashion once these fashion giants start to leave us. And we're left with uber commercial brands in their absence. Scary and sad to think one day all of these amazing fashion artists will be gone. She was a fashion journalist I adored, and a super freak I loved. We need these kind of fashion super freaks to keep it real. Otherwise everything turns into commercial homogenized minimalised rubbish.♡

piaggi and blahnik in the 70s

piaggi and blahnik in the 70s

piaggi and ysl

piaggi and lagerfeld in the early 80s (i think)

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