I just looked at this fashion shoot with Lindsey Wixson for Flare magazine, and I have to say that I'm not happy with how skinny Lindsey looks. It hardly looks like her. They did the same thing to Lara Stone. I have the most amazing fashion story we did for Oyster magazine with Lara Stone (pre-Calvin and everything else) where she has a little bit of a curvy thing going on with her body. I know it's on my computer somewhere. I scanned it from one of my old issues a while ago. After she got her Calvin fame, she started to dwindle away. And now I see the same thing with Lindsey. I'm so bored and annoyed with all the super skinny models out there. They keep saying it's changing, but I think it's all a lot of bullshit. Look at Lindsey's face in this shoot. It's almost gaunt. Other than that, I do like the shoot.♡

her face used to be very very round. she used to have very full cheeks.

more saturday shopping ♥ alvina abramova

images from fashiongonerogue.com

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