So I'm not really in need of spending more money on clothes or shoes as I have a load of things that have never seen the light of day (or night for that matter). BUT I really might try to find these amazing and very nice looking super spiked peep-toe black heels from Forever 21...primarily because of the lovely spiked detail. The reviews say they look even better in person than they do online. And they're only around $32! But my size was sold out online and it does say they run true to size, which means if I go up a half size, then they might look like I'm a little girl wearing some big girl's shoes. I think because of the height of the heel, it would be best to get a snug fit rather than a bigger fit. In any case, these are a steal and a hot one at that.♡

i normally don't like super super spiked heels...but that profile is HOT

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I was stoked to see the new Ladurée Summer Collection in my inbox. Though there aren't any Ladurée shops near me, I do plan on living in Paris as soon as I can. But that's another story for another time. Here are some special pretty and tasty bits that you can try or buy IF you can get to one. I think they might do some online commerce, too. Hmmmm.♡

To introduce the new summery macaron flavours
Ladurée has pictured a scenery featuring
the journey of a « Marquise » in her carriage
with her two porters and her adorable puppy.
Since the last ten years, these drawings have been created
by Ladurée to preserve the exclusivity of their delicacies range
and to ensure that every moment shared with Ladurée
will always be a celebration.

The "Incroyable" Violet
Two crispy shells filled with a smooth
violet-flavoured "guimauve".
This new macaron is made up with a delicate
colour and a spellbinding taste will no doubt
be the surprise of the new season.
The "Incroyable" Lemon - Lime
Two crispy shells filled with a smooth
« guimauve » lemon and lime flavour,
both sweet and intense.
A subtle sour taste for a summer treat.

« Le Butterfly »

A poppy cream mousse and melt-in-your-mouth
yuzu & wild mara heart between a pair
of dazzling strawberry macaron shells.
Le « Cake à la Rose »

A moist little
rose-flavoured cake
decorated with fresh rose petals.
these candles must be amazing...you see them at Sofia Coppola's home in the Marc Jacobs documentary...and they're 50 Euros each!:

The "Chantilly" Candle

Whilst Ladurée is celebrating its 150th anniversary,
this year also marks the tenth anniversary
of its perfumed candles collection.

A perfect opportunity to create a new sweet scent

with a delicious note of « Chantilly ».
A delicate fragrance enhanced in
a new white fine porcelain pot.

This « Chantilly » candle is available

in a limited edition gift box featuring
the emblematic green and gold colours
representative of Ladurée.
small totes

large totes

And a pop-up shop in Saint-Tropez! Trés chic!



I think these "LULU" heels by Charlotte Olympia might be one of those kinds of heels that look amazing on the foot rather than on the display shelf. I don't know. I always say it, but some heels just don't have that babe factor until they are on the foot and you can really see what they do to the leg/foot/body as well as see the design elements and how they work. I also just realized that I just featured Olympia's Baboushka bag recently. I didn't know I was that much of Charlotte Olympia fan, but apparently I am. OH...I failed to mention...these are the Lulu Guinness for Charlotte Olympia heels...THAT'S why I love them so much.♡

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The Marc Jacobs FALL 2012 CAMPAIGN features models Magda Laguinge, Marie Piovesan, Marte Mei Van Haaster, Ros Georgiou and Tati Cotliar and of course was photographed by Juergen Teller. These looks remind me of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. What I think the brand is saying is...this is not for everyone. They aren't trying to sell the cliché sexy pretty tall long blonde hair boring boring looks that most every other brand is trying to sell. Marc Jacobs is punk rock (or grunge) at heart. And that's why I heart him/it. Oh yeah...I also love this collection because one of my very good old friends, Adele Mildred (who drew the girl in the Nancy Girl logo) was in charge of the hats.♡

i'll take the dress, please. and the hat...but the hat will stay in my collection. the dress will stay on my body.

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The Mens SPRING 2013 shows in Milan brought on the return of a fashion icon Jil Sander, and from what I've read, she didn't disappoint. Pretty exciting things happening in fashion...I mean, I can't wait for the new season of shows and Raf at Dior and a real womens collection by Jil. And perfect timing. I consider both of them future designers...like....you could see their frocks in a space-age film if that makes any sense. I dunno. She's just a genius at minimalism. Anyway, check out some of the pieces below. 

On another note, I've been extremely busy preparing for the release of my first published novel, and there is a lot to do. So please forgive me if the posts go up a bit later. I will get to them. There is a lot to cover these days and I'll be posting some of the interviews I did a long time ago that never made it into the magazines I was with (usually the interviews happened too close to deadline). And have an awesome week...I'll have more news for you soon plus two fun giveaways. I just need to think of a couple of fun ideas. :) 


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I love this beauty shoot featuring Codie Young in “Fly High” shot by Greg Lotus for Vogue Italia, May 2012! Look at the gorgeous hair and makeup job!!! I love how makeup and hair and style have seeped back into popular culture. Like colors and hair colors and eye colors. And I love Codie Young. I worked on a big campaign (that's out now), but they had already cast their models. Which is kind of rough. But I had dreamt of working with Codie Young on it. Oh well. Next time. Next campaign.♡

the pretty pretty codie young. and lovely makeup!

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Watch Harper Lee: Hey, Boo on PBS. See more from American Masters.

I just watched this amazing documentary on Harper Lee, the author of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, which is one of the best books ever written for style and for content. I love watching documentaries and especially documentaries on PBS about creative people I love. Lee was also very close to one of my other favorite writers, Truman Capote, the author who wrote BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (yes it was a scandalous little tiny book before it was a movie). I knew they were close, but I didn't know all the history behind their friendship and this taps into that, too. Lee is alive but does not speak to press and this documentary also debunks the rumor that she is a recluse. I think these kinds of documentaries are very inspiring and motivating if you're any kind of creative, whether you're dreaming about being a clothing designer or a painter...there's a message in there for you, too. If not, then maybe that's the message, too. Happy Sunday!♡

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YES! This is one of the reasons why I love Comme des Garçons so much! They f-ing get it! OR SHE f-ing gets it (Rei Kawakubo)! If you don't like these or like Star Wars, then that's fine...not everyone gets "it". I am a massive Star Wars fan (my voicemail alert tone is Darth Vadar and my text alert tone is R2D2 overloading. I like the original three films and not the newer three so much and have prob watched The Empire Strikes Back over 100 times. Yes...I am a Star Wars geek!) Though these T-shirts are really pricey, I would buy one or two maybe. And probably the bigger bag. It's all new and exclusive at Dover Street Market. May the force be with you. PS Harrison Ford is really hot in these old Star Wars films. :)♡

this is my favorite shirt. love! but it's like £95!

i also love this in a galaxy far far away bag.

i love this shirt. though i don't know if i would wear a style like this.
but i love it so much.

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