I was stoked to see the new Ladurée Summer Collection in my inbox. Though there aren't any Ladurée shops near me, I do plan on living in Paris as soon as I can. But that's another story for another time. Here are some special pretty and tasty bits that you can try or buy IF you can get to one. I think they might do some online commerce, too. Hmmmm.♡

To introduce the new summery macaron flavours
Ladurée has pictured a scenery featuring
the journey of a « Marquise » in her carriage
with her two porters and her adorable puppy.
Since the last ten years, these drawings have been created
by Ladurée to preserve the exclusivity of their delicacies range
and to ensure that every moment shared with Ladurée
will always be a celebration.

The "Incroyable" Violet
Two crispy shells filled with a smooth
violet-flavoured "guimauve".
This new macaron is made up with a delicate
colour and a spellbinding taste will no doubt
be the surprise of the new season.
The "Incroyable" Lemon - Lime
Two crispy shells filled with a smooth
« guimauve » lemon and lime flavour,
both sweet and intense.
A subtle sour taste for a summer treat.

« Le Butterfly »

A poppy cream mousse and melt-in-your-mouth
yuzu & wild mara heart between a pair
of dazzling strawberry macaron shells.
Le « Cake à la Rose »

A moist little
rose-flavoured cake
decorated with fresh rose petals.
these candles must be amazing...you see them at Sofia Coppola's home in the Marc Jacobs documentary...and they're 50 Euros each!:

The "Chantilly" Candle

Whilst Ladurée is celebrating its 150th anniversary,
this year also marks the tenth anniversary
of its perfumed candles collection.

A perfect opportunity to create a new sweet scent

with a delicious note of « Chantilly ».
A delicate fragrance enhanced in
a new white fine porcelain pot.

This « Chantilly » candle is available

in a limited edition gift box featuring
the emblematic green and gold colours
representative of Ladurée.
small totes

large totes

And a pop-up shop in Saint-Tropez! Trés chic!

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