YES! This is one of the reasons why I love Comme des Garçons so much! They f-ing get it! OR SHE f-ing gets it (Rei Kawakubo)! If you don't like these or like Star Wars, then that's fine...not everyone gets "it". I am a massive Star Wars fan (my voicemail alert tone is Darth Vadar and my text alert tone is R2D2 overloading. I like the original three films and not the newer three so much and have prob watched The Empire Strikes Back over 100 times. Yes...I am a Star Wars geek!) Though these T-shirts are really pricey, I would buy one or two maybe. And probably the bigger bag. It's all new and exclusive at Dover Street Market. May the force be with you. PS Harrison Ford is really hot in these old Star Wars films. :)♡

this is my favorite shirt. love! but it's like £95!

i also love this in a galaxy far far away bag.

i love this shirt. though i don't know if i would wear a style like this.
but i love it so much.

more saturday show ♥ celine pre-spring 2012


Copenhagenish - http://copenhagenish.me said...

Star Wars rock! I love Harrison Ford in his little leather waistcoat - so 70s kitch! I have fav tee from H&M which sports Luke and Leia.

montronix said...

:) I'm glad you agree. I love that! I really do want a couple cdg pieces...but we'll see. Happy to know I'm not the only Star Wars geek out there. :) xmt