I'm so so thrilled for Claude and Brian of New York label RUFFIAN and their collab with MAC. I think i covered their show with the amazing manicures. You can watch a video of the show backstage with the hot nails below! Looks like MAC decided they were amazing enough to offer them along with some cool lipsticks, including Ruffian Red. I'll also include some of the old old OLD articles I wrote about Ruffian when I was in New York. Claude and Brian are amazing people with the sweetest energy. And they really have guts because, no matter what, they really and truly stick to their vision.

Actually, this post is very long with the images of the nails. If you want me to post my articles that I wrote on Ruffian, leave a comment and I'll do a separate post on them.♡

Limited Edition Ruffian Manicure $25.00 (Amazing!):

Spectator Cream with black half moon, black French tip and black Ruffian logo (Creme) 

Demoiselle Ruffian red with white half moon and black French tip (Creme) 

Demilune Matte black with chrome gold half moon (Matte)



really amazing!

Ruffian Limited Edition Lipstick $14.50 :

Ruffian Naked Pale peachy nude (Matte) 

Ruffian Gold Gold glitter metallic (Frost) 

Ruffian Red Classic rich blue red (Matte)

this looks hot

more makeup monday ♥ 70s tutorial with clio

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