This is something new I have been meaning to do for a long time...not only do I love to write posts about fashion books and books I love to read and other things book related, but I also have a lot of rad friends who have books out right now or coming out soon. And, then I have mentioned that my first novel will be out this summer.....! So I think it's time to have a feature called NANCY GIRL BOOK CLUB. Okay...let's begin....

I have two books to mention here...the first is G-Rated and more of a fashion textbook. The second is a book of fiction stories and it's not really G-Rated...it's very adult. But genius, nevertheless. I will do a post on that a little later today. I promised you multiple posts today and that's what you're getting...


These are a series of books...two right now...written and illustrated by my friend and Searching for Style lady, Alexandra Suhner Isenberg. If you're studying fashion, these are really essential for you as Alex really knows her stuff. 

Technical Drawing for Fashion Design Volume 1: Basic Course Book
This is how it's described..."is a how-to book for drawing technical drawings, or flats. It is a great tool for fashion design students and industry professionals who need to know how to draw great technical drawings."

Some features:
  • The text is in English, French and Spanish
  • The book features 14 step-by-step how to’s for different garment drawings (jacket, pants, dress, lingerie, etc…)
  • A detailed section on how to render textiles
  • Instructions on how to add style to your technical drawings, and a few tips on laying out portfolios

Technical Drawing for Fashion Design Volume 2: Garment Source Book
This is how she describes this volume..."is a catalog of technical drawings of over 800 garments. This is handy for fashion students and industry professionals, but also anyone wishing to know the different types of garment shapes and details. If you want to know the difference between a pagoda sleeve and a lantern sleeve, or what a notch collar and a bed jacket looks like, then this book is for you."

  • Includes sections on tops, skirts, shorts and trousers, knitwear, jackets and coats, dresses, lingerie and nightwear, swimwear, necklines and collars, sleeves and cuffs, pockets, pleats, and closures.
  • There is a CD included with this book, which includes all the digital versions of the drawings. So if you are too lazy to do your own drawings, you can cut and paste the images and make your own.

I love her fashion illustrations...even if they're technical...i love the style.

I was Alex's editor for a while and then we became good friends, because her style and work ethic are both gorgeous. She knows her shit. If I was a fashion design student or someone wanting to learn fashion design, I would def have these in my library and on my desk. They're all available via Amazon.♡

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images courtesy of alexandra suhner isenberg


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