This is an amazing photoshoot for Vogue from 1969 (one of my favorite years in fashion) taken in Iran before the revolution. This is the Iran I always hear about. This is the Iran I never got to enjoy and see. These are the ruins from the beginning of civilization (that is the truth...look it up...the word IRAN is from or the root of the word ARIAN)...Look at the amazing Persian blues everywhere. Look at the old tile work from thousands of years ago. Look at the gorgeous fashions, too, and the gorgeous young Lauren Hutton (the original tooth-gap model), who still looks hot and not like a plastic surgery freak. (AND I JUST REALIZED THAT THE OTHER AND COVER MODEL IS NONE OTHER THAN PATTIE BOYD!) There's a generation of Persian youth who long for this kind of beauty and history of our homeland (though most of us were born elsewhere). This is a mighty long post...but I wanted to get it to you anyway. You can like the fan page where this came from which is called IRANIAN OLD MAGAZINE COVERS. There's also a hip advert for Iran Air and some other bits from the same issue. This is during Diana Vreeland's reign at Vogue, methinks. Methinks I'm sure of it.

that's a persian fashion look, people. gorgeous.

amazing. amazing. amazing. that tile work is thousands of years old.
see the outfit on the wall? look familiar? you see that silhouette everywhere
in fashion. even in the last louis vuitton show.

this is at Persepolis...which you can read about here.          

Farah...who was the queen at the time and married to the Shah of Iran. Look at that amazing outfit with the Persian motifs. She was very very good friends with YSL. See her wedding dress by YSL here.
an old Iran Air advert from the same issue. hipster.
an article about the hip hot boutiques in Tehran.

I loved seeing this so much. I hope you got to see a glimpse of this amazing past. ♡

more girl friday ♥ model claudia devlin

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