I wanted to mention some more products I am loving and very surprised about, too, for this post. First up is a drugstore brand I never paid too much attention to until I started noticing a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube who are in the States raving about these items. SO I had to try them and I am sold. 

I purchased three MILANI LIQUIF'EYE EYEINERS: one in black, one in brown and one in silver for the tear duct. Wow. I have been aching to get that Avon Supershock eyeliner but you can't get it in the US. But I am happy to have found these Milani eyeliners because they are AMAZING. The pigmentation is deep and rich, they last for ages and they do not move or smudge once they set. And the silver one around the tear duct area is amazing. Really really impressed. I mean, these are only around $6.

Then, on a whim because they were on sale, I picked up the last one of the MILANI HD ADVANCED CONCEALER. I have to say I love the packaging. It's very rich looking. I didn't think this was going to really deliver...but it did. Brightening and hiding and lasting a very long time. I liked it so much, I went to another store where they were not on sale and purchased the color I thought would be best to use when I am not tan: 01 for not tan and 03 I'll use when I get a little sun. So impressed. 

I am also using the REVLON PHOTOREADY CONCEALERS in LIGHT MEDIUM and I also own the Medium shade, too. I tend to use my Vichy Dermablend concealers most of the time. But in the morning, when I just need a quick touch up or cover up, I always use these. I mean, I do use the Revlon concealers on a pretty much daily basis. I am so impressed with these drugstore items. It's so fun to pick up your laundry detergent and toilet paper and be able to also find really good makeup product on the same trip. FUN. And, PS, I also really do like the Revlon PhotoReady foundation.

I have ordered some new fancy product that I'll share with you when I get it. One is a cleanser, as my oil cleanser ran out and I wanted to try a better brand. And another is a bronzer that I've been wanting to try. More on those sooon.♡

more makeup monday ♥ parisian ballerina

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