These are the trends that I tend to be fascinated by. Are they really cool new movements in style...or something ridiculous everyone has bought into. Currently the whole CAVIAR MANICURE designed, packaged and marketed by Ciaté is apparently all the rage. The Caviar Manicure kits have all sold out and now they're telling all the YouTube beauty gurus to give a set away this week. (I noticed a couple of gurus with Caviar kits to give away today.)

But is this "simply breathtaking" or is this really really ridiculous and weird. I mean, if you read my blog, you know that I love freaky fashion. But why would I want sprinkles or caviar for that matter on my....nails? I don't know. I have to say this is one of those really ridiculous bandwagon trends that people seem to eat up. Why on earth would you want your nails look like a bed of fish eggs...that you eat?

Here are a couple of videos showing the process. Although I think Ciaté is a chic nail brand, I can't see anything chic about beads stuck to your nails this way. Even if they look pretty in the photos. By the way, the kits cost about 18£ and are sold out. You can sign up for a waiting list (?) if you like, though, here.♡

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