My new favorite skincare item is cleansing oils (though I really want to try a cleansing balm, too). My skin used to be normal to combination but now I think I'm more of a normal to dry or sometimes very dry. I decided to try a cleansing oil a year ago (I think it's been that long now). I love how it gets rid of everything on my face...all the makeup and daily grime...as it also moisturized my skin. The first one I tried was by Lumene, a brand from Finland easily accessible from the drugstore. It was pretty good stuff and the bottle lasted me for ev er! When it started reaching it's end, I began researching different cleansing oils, better ones, high quality ones, to see where I'd go next with this new regime. After much research and review reading, I decided to order (through Amazon) the DEEP CLEANSING OIL by Japanese skincare company DHC. (Of course some of the best cleansing oils and balms are Asian made!) This has the fewest ingredients and most natural. It feels like I'm washing my face with some fancy fresh olive oil as though I was a young Greek goddess. The price is affordable, not cheap but not as high as the Shu Uemura cleansing oil but just as good or even better according to some reviews I have read. 

The only thing I wish was that it came in a glass bottle. It's in a plastic bottle. But that's pretty much it. It feels rich. A little goes a long way, and I've noticed my skin looking and feeling supple and healthy, despite some problems I had from taking Evening Primrose Oil (which made my skin really break out badly). The box it came in was simple and lovely and the packaging is also rich and simple looking. The two main ingredients are olive oil and vitamin E. It will remove your mascara and everything. And once the water hits your face, it comes off easily with absolutely no greasy feeling left on your skin. I promise. I think I paid only $26 for 6.7 ounces. I also really love that my cleanser is Japanese. :)♡

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Searching for Style said...

I've also always wanted to try a cleansing oil... She Uemera did one and I must say I am curious.

montronix said...

i think i mentioned that in the post...the shu oil ;)
i did a lot of research. and not everyone loved the shu one or the shu price. this had the best reviews hands down and the fewest ingredients. i also want to try a cleansing balm. but more research. x