Here it is...the second (or third) video so far on vintage make up from gorgeous lady Lisa Eldridge.

The make up in this below video is just too gorgeous for me to even handle. (I also love the model choice for this and funnily enough she's from Premier which I just did a post on recently.) And Lisa Eldridge is using original Biba make up, which I did a post about when I started this blog because I am so so lucky to own some amazing pieces

Now you can see one of the reasons I love love love Biba and Barbara Hulanicki so much. One thing that I thought was off....Lisa talks about her as though she's passed. But she is alive...very much so. In case you were wondering.

I am in a little heaven when I watch educational fashion-y bits that are done so well like these and give us what we really want. Like Biba. Anyway, without further ado, hope you enjoy these as much as I do.♡

this is a Nancy Girl vintage make up special!
more vintage make up week

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